5 Responsive Web Design Hacks for Business Websites

Its 2020 and technology is growing even more rapidly! Gone are the days of having to be at home, sitting at a desktop computer to access the internet. From smartphones to Wi-Fi, everyone has the internet with them at all times, nowadays. Whether you’re at a coffee shop or the airport, it’s possible to access the internet from anywhere even free when you are using public Wi-Fi.

An increasing number of businesses these days concentrate on the mobile version of the website, instead of the desktop version. In some cases, the desktop site can be viewed on the phone, but it commonly results in a less-than-ideal user experience.

For this reason, when creating a website/blog, special efforts must be put into designing the mobile version. Why? Because using the same design for all devices does not result in the top user experience.

Responsive Web Design is a Plus

Responsive Web Design is a Plus
Responsive Web Design is a Plus

You can either opt for a separate design for the mobile site or get web developers to create a responsive design for you. A responsive design adjusts itself according to the screen size of all popular devices, eliminating the need for a separate mobile or tablet site.

Believe it or not, most of your customers access your website from a smartphone. Therefore, if you don’t have a user-friendly mobile web design, you risk losing leads and customers.

Follow the topic to know more about “5 Web Design Hacks for Business Websites”!

#1 Easy to Find Contact Information

Your business contact information is one of the first things visitors look for when they come to your site. While you can integrate a contact form on a desktop site, on a mobile site, you need to have directly clickable contact information. It could be an email address or a live chat option (mostly recommended), but make sure visitors don’t have to waste time searching for your contact information.

It’s also a great idea to integrate Google Map into your website and mark your business location on it!

#2 Flexible Images / Videos

Since a phone screen is much smaller than a PC, you must include the option of zooming or enlarging images and videos for a better view. If they cannot see your product images properly, they aren’t going to buy them for sure.

The flexibility option will give your customers enough tools to see your products carefully and choose the one that they are looking for, more easily.

#3 Readable & Clear Text

Readable & Clear Text
Readable & Clear Text

Reading on a phone screen is stressful to the eyes. Therefore, you have to make sure that all text is large and legible enough. Choose dark text on a light background and not vice versa. Also make sure that you are using a good combination of fonts throughout your website sections, this will make your website more attractive.

#4 Social Media Friendly Website

Every desktop site has social media buttons integrated, and it should be the same for the mobile site too. When integrating social media buttons for sharing purposes, make sure they are legible and are easily found by visitors.

#5 Speed Matters!

Desktop sites are generally fast enough, but mobile sites are often neglected. When designing a mobile site, you need to make sure that it loads as rapidly as possible. A website should ideally load in three seconds – or less. No matter what kind of device the user accesses the site from; it should always load quickly and effortlessly.

Mobile web design is essential for any successful website these days. According to Google,

74% of users may return to a website again if it is properly optimized for mobile usage.”

If you’ve not implemented these web design hacks yet, we recommend you to apply these to your website; this will not only boost the user-experience but will also help you get organic users from search engines.


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