A Short Guide on How to Choose the Best SEO Services if You Want to Become a SEO Reseller

There are mainly two situations in which it is a good idea to become an SEO reseller. The first situation is when an online marketing agency wants more clients and/or the current ones ask for this service.

How should the marketing agency resell SEO? Why can’t it offer the service by itself? What are the benefits? Do not worry, you will find all the answers in this article. Firstly, you should understand the concept of “full package” and how it can help your agency enormously.

A Short Guide on How to Choose the Best SEO Services if You Want to Become an SEO Reseller

Digital marketing agencies have in general more than one service that it offers. One of the problems they try to resolve for their clients is the lack of traffic. They can use either paid methods or organic ones to bring more visitors to their client sites. Most of them focus on only one of these methods but nowadays more and more site owners are not satisfied with only one of them and they are searching for agencies that offer a “full package”. It is more convenient for them to have a single provider for all their online marketing services than one for one provider per service.

Due to this phenomenon, many agencies are looking for methods to satisfy these customers. SEO is the most problematic for most of them because it is much harder to offer this service than the paid alternatives because of its complexity.

The time and resources that an agency needs to invest to be able to offer this service themselves are very high. A good alternative that had appeared is to resell the SEO service. A digital marketing agency will partner with an SEO agency that will provide the service for them. Of course, this method is not only used by agencies.

It does not matter in what industry you are. If you have clients or potential clients who are interested in SEO for their sites then you can also act as the middle man. By partnering with an SEO agency, you can get a commission for every client you bring to them.

The potential profit is much higher for agencies because they can resell white label SEO, meaning they can sell the service as their own and it this way they can establish the retail price. On the other hand, non-agencies that want to use this method will be able to only get a commission because it would be much harder to present the product as their own.

Why is it important to find an efficient SEO agency?

What does an efficient SEO agency mean? In this article, it will mean that it not only offers a high-quality SEO service but it also respects the deadlines, produce very good results and prepare the necessary white label SEO reports on time.

The most important requirement is the quality of SEO. When reselling this service, it is mandatory to be a high-quality one. You will be using your name and reputation to sell and if the quality is good you can grow your reputation and continue to make more and more money.

On the other hand, if the quality of the service is bad you will damage the reputation you had built until now and also the amount of money you will make in the future will be much lower. You must invest some time and effort to find an efficient agency to partner with.

A Short Guide on How to Choose the Best SEO Services if You Want to Become an SEO Reseller

Another problem that can appear in this type of partnership is missed deadlines. If an SEO agency misses a deadline all the complaints will come to you. Again, this will damage your interests in many ways. It is your job to find a trustworthy partner and to take some precautions.

As a middle man, it is hard to take precautions and the repercussions are not so bad because most of the time your job is already done. But as a digital marketing agency, it is more complicated. You are responsible to bring the results promised on time. To do this, not only you must find a partner with a good record, but also create a buffer zone between the deadline for the customer and the one for the SEO agency. With this method, you will have the opportunity to resolve such problems.

The method of reselling SEO gained popularity because the potential profits are very high. If you are able to find an SEO agency that offers high standard services but for a diverse reason, like their country or they are not yet very well known, their prices can be very low. You could resell their services for a very big profit margin with a very small effort from your part.

The profits you are able to make also depends on your branding. The bigger your reputation and your other prices, the bigger the profits that you can make. Of course, there are other financial benefits that you will have in the long run. For example, the number of clients you can find by offering a full package will rise and the satisfaction of your clients will do so as well. Also, because they will get used to the high degree of convenience the average lifespan of your relationship with them will grow. Both of these results will slowly increase the amount of money that you make.

How to find the best SEO agency?

How does the ideal partner should look like?

In “5 Essential Steps to Outsource SEO” it is recommended that: “It would be great if you could test their services for a few months before you decide regarding your collaboration. If they can’t deliver the promised results, you can be certain that relying on their services for the projects that your clients trust you with, will definitely harm your reputation.” (1)

Searchenginewatch.com recommends this: “Before you start looking for an agency, decide on what exactly it is that your company wants to achieve through SEO.” (2)

So, the process is similar to constructing your ideal client, you need to search for a partner that will meet all your requirements. Some important guidelines you should consider are:

A Short Guide on How to Choose the Best SEO Services if You Want to Become an SEO Reseller

  • Results. This is the most important factor that should influence your decision. You need to know what results has the agency has created in the past. The first question is: have they published reports from their clients? An agency that has the capabilities will try to prove their worth by publishing on their site the results they get for their clients.
  • Customer satisfaction. This is an important factor because your clients will have similar experiences with those of the agency. Apart from the reviews that you can find on their site you should also contact some of their clients and confirm the veracity of the reviews. With this occasion, you can find out more information about your potential partner.
  • Size. The size of the agency matters. The first thing you should find out is the number of clients you can pass to the agency. If the agency is small and you have too many clients then you will need to find another one. You can either work with two different agencies or with a bigger one. Take care because big agencies tend to have bigger prices, so you must balance the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Profit. This is very important for your business. Although you should make sure that an agency meets the other requirements after that, you should consider your profits as well. You will also find in this article some ways to find the agencies that meet all these conditions.

Where can you find a good partner?

After you made a profile that contains all the requirement you have from an SEO agency is time to search for those that meet the requirements. You can find those that meet most of your requirements everywhere but the biggest factor that will vary is the price they ask for providing the service.

As you may already know the biggest factor that will influence the prices asked by a company is the economy of the country in which it is based. Although these companies offer high-quality services, they are able to ask for very affordable prices because of the economy in their country.

It is very important to make sure that you will not make any concessions while looking for a smaller price. Although a bigger profit is good, any concession may cost you more in the long term.

Why should you test the SEO agency before making a partnership?

Even if you made your research and you found an ideal partner you should still make a final test before you start a collaboration. The best way to confirm your decision is to directly work with the agency as a client.

You want to make sure that your clients get everything that you will promise them. Even more so by doing this you will be able to make realistic promises. In this way, you can make sure that no one will be disappointed because of wrong expectations.

A Short Guide on How to Choose the Best SEO Services if You Want to Become an SEO Reseller

A first-hand experience like this one will also help you understand how the company works. You will find out exactly how good are the results they can obtain and how they manage the deadline.

Another important factor that you can discover is how much they cater to your needs. This is important because they will do the same with your clients. Most of the time, if you are happy with the service you got then your clients will be as well.

How should you test the SEO agency?

The best way to do it is as a client. Of course, unlike normal clients, you should pay attention to more things while you work with them. There are two steps you should do before starting a partnership. By following the steps, you can find out important information that will help you understand if the SEO agency is the right choice.

  • First contact. The first step of your test is obviously the first contact. Apart from the normal interactions where you express your interest and get a quote, you should also make use of the conversation to find as much information as possible. You need to know, not only how exactly the agency works and what strategies it uses but also you must see its willingness to help. You can do this by asking questions. In this way, you can see if the agency readily answers the questions and maybe you also get asked some questions with the goal to find the best method to help your business. A bad sign would be if “People who want to help you will tell you they want to help you, people who don’t will tell you how much their service costs and how monthly meetings will be structured. This is the difference between hiring a partner and a vendor.” (3), according to com
  • Service test. Next, you should test the quality of the service yourself. You can do this by trying a one-time packet or a subscription for a few months. By doing this you will be able to see exactly how the agency works, the quality of the results, the customer service, and the overall compatibility you have with it.

What should you expect from such a partnership?

The most important thing you should expect from this collaboration is the satisfaction of your current clients rise in the number of new clients. Also, the increased revenue and profit you get from this collaboration can be used to strengthen your main services. But to start the collaboration you should make sure that there won’t be any problems to share the information of your clients with your partner.

You partner will need a certain degree of information that will be used to establish some personalized strategies which are compatible with your clients. Otherwise, there may be some backlashes because of the incongruity that would form between the brand of your clients and the methods used by the agency.

You can also use this collaboration as a test to see if it will be profitable to create your own SEO department. For some agencies, it is more beneficial to do that but for others, it is better to use this type of collaboration.

Every business is different and only you can understand what is best for your business but a test like this will help you reduce the risk of a bad investment. If the service has no success, then you won’t lose any money, on the other hand, if it has success you will make money and have the information you need to see if the investment would be worth it or not.


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