Are you Skilled enough? Then let’s start printing money!   

There are apps that are out there doing lots of things. From Instagram to Facebook, most apps have us consuming content. But, what if there is an App that paves the way for you to make money. That’s right we are talking real cash, no crypto money, no promises for later. If you are proficient in a skill, this is the App you need to be aware of. What are we waiting for, let’s start printing money.

Let’s make money and get work done!
Let’s make money and get work done!

Also, there can be an errand, project, or some work that as a business owner or a client you have been wanting to get done for some time. Wait what? Like an App that does both of these how is that even possible. Tada! In the jungle of so many applications and solutions, we bring you a simple, clean UI driven, powerful app called Skilled!

Skilled App, A must-use app for businesses and freelancers

Skilled App, A must-use app for businesses and freelancers

Skilled App has managed to bring the power of finding work and a professional for your work at the click of your mobile. You can find local talent as well as Online workers to help you in your projects. So let us read how to start using Skilled, who is this for, what are the various salient features this powerful application has to offer and much more.

Why Skilled?

Skilled takes out the work that you need to put in while searching for, pitching to and negotiating with possible clients. Searching the Web or Offline world for a prospective employer can be a real tough process considering how scattered business owners can be.

Also, for businesses to find the ideal match for their requirement is difficult. Whether it is searching for a Web programmer, a Content Writer, Graphics expert or any skilled worker you are wanting to find. It becomes tough to find a legit professional who can commit with transparent pricing and timelines to deliver some work.

Are you Skilled enough? Then let’s start printing money! 
Are you Skilled enough? Then let’s start printing money!

Skilled kills two birds with one stone here, it not only provides a magnificent platform for freelancers who are proficient in their field, work that they deserve and are looking for. It brings business on the same plane with these freelancers. Professionals can attract the right work or even earn more extra money besides their regular day jobs.

How to Skilled?

Using the Skilled app you can connect with clients and businesses can see the available professionals in the neighborhood or abroad. To download the App, all you need to do is visit the Google Play Store and download the app.

Click here to download the App. Once you have downloaded the App, the interface is so intuitive and simple to use, working on the app would be like a walk in the park.

Simply type in a skill or service you have a requirement for and you can see the available freelancers for the same. Click on a freelancer to view their bio, credentials, skills and other related information.

As a freelancer, you can advertise to your prospective users about your skills and expertise. Category examples include Plumbers, Lawyers, General Help, Electrician, handyman and so on. New Categories are added as required when required by businesses or clients.

Who is this for? Is my geo covered

You have been wanting to make use of your free time, or ear some extra money or are just starting to get tired of your current job. Skilled mobile application provides you a platform to turn these dreams into reality. The Professional can be from US, Canada, UK, India or Pakistan. This helps freelancers and small businesses to thrive and expand their businesses. Being GPS enabled, users can quickly find professionals and services in the nearby areas.

This app provides individuals an opportunity to earn money by doing what they love at their own time and at their own pace. As a Business owner rushing to complete a project or errand or time, this gives you a flexibility to choose the nearest skilled worker to get it done in time!

Choose the best

You can choose the best possible talent for your business. No need to rely on word-of-mouth reviews or try to look for “that” professional your neighbor or co-worker talks highly about and regret later. Simply look at the best talent based on ratings by other businesses for your work. Your project is dear to you and deserves nothing but the best.

Search for the nearest and best talent
Search for the nearest and best talent

Once you run a search for the talent you are looking to hire, the search results reflect what you might be looking for. Click on a result to view more information about that professional.

View more information about the Professional

View more information about the Professional

You can further begin a conversation to see if the professional is ready to take up the work and any other details you would like to share. This also provides an opportunity for the professional to ask you anything about the project.

Talk to the Professional and sort out your doubts/questions

Talk to the Professional and sort out your doubts/questions

Promoting transparency and protection

This is no small feat that the application has been voted as the “Best Freelancers Mobile Application.” You can put your trust and effort in this Application to grow your work and find a skilled worker easily.

Skilled also protects the information dished out by its users. The application allows users to communicate with businesses or professionals without revealing their phone numbers. This stops phone scammers from gaining access to the phone numbers.

Also, sometimes negotiating timelines and prices can become like haggling for a cloth in a Flea market. Here is all happens within the app with both the buyer and seller having absolute control on it. So whether it is a short gig or long term relationship you are looking are a professional for, Skilled app is the answer.

Be Responsible, Share.

What, you are still reading and have not downloaded the app. Just go and download it, spread the word, make your friends rich and those who are looking to complete some work, help them complete it. Share this post with friends and family and with your social networks. Sharing is caring and in today’s world we never know what helps whom. Looking forward to grow the Skilled community and the network.


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