Attractive and Negative Aspects of Working in a Bank

Banks are excellent places to work. They are respected institutions that have modern facilities and use current technology, and many have amenities such as subsidized in-house cafeterias.

Attractive Aspects

Banking is fast-paced and challenging. It is different everyday individual and corporate customers seek to accomplish a variety of their banking needs.

The volume of customers on any given day can set the pace of work and, as always, accuracy and a smile go a long way. Service with a smile makes the job pleasant for everyone.

Attractive and Negative Aspects of Working in a Bank

The pay and benefits increase as you gain experience and responsibility, and there are opportunities to advance from within the institution. In fact, many bank presidents started on the ground floor and worked their way up to the executive level.

Banks encourage innovation and often ask employees for suggestions on making the system better. Banking is still a tradition conscious industry, but the three-piece, pin-stripe suit formerly worn exclusively by white male bankers has been rearranged to include many women and minorities in managerial positions and at senior executive levels. And the dress can be more casual wear.

But how you look, dress and carry yourself is still very important because banking is still a conservative professional career.

A career in banking can become a good, steady, well-paying future for the right candidate. And the new century will pose challenges and new innovations not even thought of as yet.

Negative Aspects

Few customers or even your bosses may realize how hard you work. Friday afternoons and the eves of holidays are crazy because everyone wants to either cash or deposit their checks causing long lines, with your boss watching over you to keep up a faster pace, and tired, angry customers who want to get home or out of town for the weekend.

Attractive and Negative Aspects of Working in a Bank

And travelers always wait until the very last minute to buy their travelers checks and foreign currency, enter their safety deposit boxes, etc. It’s a madhouse and you become the target of the disgruntled.

Customers expect you to know everything about every banking service and resent it when you refer them to another person or department for answers.

They also expect you to know them personally and some resent you’re asking them for a photo ID. There is seldom a “thank you” or a smile on their part, but you are expected to be at your best even when you are being verbally abused.

This is especially true when a loan application has been rejected and the customer holds you personally responsible for the action. They have little or no understanding, even after an explanation, why their request was not granted.

The technology keeps changing and by the time you master one system or computer program another is taking its place and you’re again in a training program. You are always under pressure to complete one task and start another. So much has to be accomplished on a daily basis that the stress is sometimes overwhelming.


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