Best Business Website Design Ideas For 2020

Whether you’re going to hire a web designer or create the site yourself, certain factors will help you make a site that customers and prospects will want to visit over and over again. And if your site is going to be a big part of your business, then satisfied visitors will be very important.

Consider these ideas and add more of your own to be sure your site is appealing to everyone who visits.

Best Business Website Design Ideas 2018

Best Business Website Design Ideas For 2020

  1. Choose a domain name that’s easy to remember but not so long that it’s difficult to type in. Don’t use difficult or foreign words; keep it simple.
  2. Don’t overload your homepage. Encourage visitors to click on links to pages they’re interested in. Create a good first impression with your visitor. 
  3. Stack your links on the side vertically, the same way the page is viewed.
  4. If you’re using a background scene or color, use the same one on every page. 
  5. Use just enough graphics on your homepage to catch your visitors’ attention without requiring a long load time. Simple yet attractive is best for capturing people’s interest. 
  6. Use drop-down menus so people can easily navigate your site. 
  7. Have a contact or email link on every page. 
  8. Encourage everyone to bookmark your site for future visiting. 
  9. Keep text short and to the point; visitors aren’t there to read a book. 
  10. If you’re selling a product, have pictures of it in use. 
  11. Describe your products and services in easy-to-understand terms. 
  12. Give visitors options for how you can ship their order: standard mailing, expedited shipping, or overnight. 
  13. Specify whether you sell locally, nationally, or internationally and the approximate shipment time and cost for each option. 
  14. Provide a How to Order link for first-time buyers. 
  15. Have a link to the order or checkout page on every product page so visitors don’t get stranded or confused and abandon their order. 
  16. Have a mailing-list page with a form customers can fill out to receive future information. Ask for their birthday (without the year) so you can send them an email card on that day. 
  17. Offer a password login for fast repeat orders. 
  18. Include a reorder number for fast repeat orders. 
  19. Make the site’s text large enough for senior citizens to read easily. 
  20. Use swap or rollover images put them on your homepage and other linked pages. 
  21. Remind visitors that they can print out any copy and ideas to review later or share with others. 
  22. Have a feedback link where you can receive comments. 
  23. Give people a reason to stay awhile offer interesting and informative articles and facts that will entice web surfers to go deeper into your site and stay longer. 
  24. Have a What’s New link if you regularly add new products, upgrades, or enhancements. 
  25. Give people a reason to come back change or add to your site weekly or monthly with items your visitors want to see or learn about. 
  26. If applicable, offer printable coupons with barcodes for use in your store. 
  27. If applicable, offer printable menus and email ordering for pickup or delivery orders. 
  28. Host your domain name with a reliable hosting company. 
  29. Offer gifts and discounts on your website. 
  30.  Boost the performance of your website and optimize it.



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    Great list! Have good call to action is very important too!
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