Educate Your Employee About Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking also known as penetration testing or white-hat hacking, involves the same tools, tricks, and techniques that hackers use, but with one major difference that Ethical hacking is legal.

What ethical hackers do?

  • Independent computer security Professionals breaking into the computer systems.
  • Neither damages the target systems nor steals information.
  • Evaluate target systems security and report back to owners about the vulnerabilities found.

Who is ethical hacker?

  • A person who enjoys learning details of a programming language or system.
  • A person who enjoys actually doing the programming rather than just theorizing about it.
  • A person capable of appreciating someone else’s hacking.
  • A person who picks up programming quickly.
  • A person who is an expert at a particular programming language or system.

Types of Hackers:

Black Hat Hacker

A black hat hackers or crackers are individuals with extraordinary computing skills, resorting to malicious or destructive activities.

This means that black hat hackers use their knowledge and skill for their own personal gains probably by hurting others.

White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers are those individuals professing hacker skills and using them for defensive purposes.

This means that the white hat hackers use their knowledge and skill for the good of others and for the common good.

Grey Hat Hacker 

These are individuals who work both offensively and defensively at various times.

We cannot predict their behavior.

Sometimes they use their skills for the common good while in some other times he uses them for their personal gains.

Required Skills for an Ethical Hacker:

Microsoft: skills in operation, configuration and management.

Linux:  knowledge of Linux/Unix; security setting, configuration, and services.

Firewalls:  configurations, and operation of intrusion detection systems.

Routers:  knowledge of routers, routing protocols, and access control lists.

Mainframes: central processing unit and primary memory of a computer.

Network Protocols: TCP/IP; how they function and can be manipulated.

Project Management:  leading, planning, organizing, and controlling a penetration testing team.

Advantages of Ethical Hacking:

  • To catch a thief you have to think like a thief”.
  • Helps in closing the open holes in the system network.
  • Provides security to banking and financial establishments.
  • Prevents website defacement.
  • An evolving technique.

Now we can see what we can do against hacking or to protect ourselves from hacking.

Educate the employees and the users against black hat hacking.


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