Social Networking Defined

Social Networking Defined Social networking refers to systems that allow members of a specific site to learn about other members’ skills, talents, knowledge, or preferences. Companies use these systems internally to help identify experts. In the world, at large, social networks are…
How Big Data is Becoming a Boon to the Travel Industry

Turnover Consequences to Organization

Turnover Consequences to Organization Turnover refers to an employee’s leaving an organization. Employee turnover has potentially harmful consequences, such as poor customer service and poor company-wide performance. When employees leave, their jobs still need to be performed by someone, so companies spend…
Writing Professional Business Plan

Importance of Job Performance

Importance of Job Performance Job performance refers to the level to which an employee successfully fulfills the factors included in the job description. For each job, the content of job performance may differ. Measures of job performance include quality and quantity of…
How to Create an Effective Employee Training Strategy

Performance Management Defined

Performance Management Performance Management is the process of defining clear objectives and targets for individuals and teams, and the regular review of actual achievement and eventual rewarding for target achievement. The process should ensure that individual and team effort support the organizational…