How to Deal with an Addicted Employee

It’s not uncommon but it can happen with many companies. Dealing with workplace addiction regarding staff or even executive members can always be a problem. Most times, employers fail to see the signs of erratic behavior and may not realize the employee is abusing drugs.

The normal signs can be bad performance, constantly late and racking up a lot of absences. The first thing any business should do is allow that person to explain themselves. You must face the fact that anyone on your staff may have a dependency problem. If you suspect this is the case talk to other managers to get a hold of the situation. Here are some of the things to consider if you believe any one of your staff may have a substance abuse problem.

Drug free workplace

If your company works within the federal government, they are requirements as a business to follow the drug free workplace act of 1988. If you are not under a government contract, then it might be wise to create a drug free zone within your business. These guidelines will discourage any type of substance abuse among your staff and also promote rehabilitation.

Here’s a list benefits when implementing a drug free workplace within your organization.

  • Provides education about serious dangers of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Bring awareness to rehab services available in the local area
  • Offers direct access to substance abuse treatment and health insurance
  • Informs employees regarding consequences of engage in substance abuse at work

How to Deal with an Addicted Employee

Employee help

A company should realize that their employees spend a good amount of time at her job. Executives should understand that employees are human and don’t always come without flaws. That said, drug free workplaces should be welcoming enough to courage staffers to share their problem. Businesses may even consider paying for the cost of treatment.

Once employees see that there is direct access to employee assistant programs or even help for health insurance, they are more likely to seek help. You may find some need crack addiction treatment or problems with pills.


If you do suspect that an employee is having a substance abuse issue there are some things that you can do. Try to get as observant as possible and notice changes in workers behaviors or personalities. Often times you can smell alcoholic drinks on a person’s body or if they have smoked something illegal. Here is a list of signs to look for:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Personality and behavioral change
  • Seeking extensions for familiar tasks
  • Bad judgement and poor decisions
  • Can’t meet deadlines
  • Experiences confusion and often forgetful

No matter how long your business has been running, workplace addiction is real and it can happen. The best solution could be creating a drug free workplace zone. These give staffers vital information to address their problem and solve it. Studies show that employees are more likely to confide in their employer if they know they have their support.


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