Main Traits And Qualities Of Successful Manager

Leadership essential quality that so many managers actually lack these days. Most companies will promote those employees that have great individual results. The problem is that a really good salesperson will rarely be a really good manager. The true leader will always be able to inspire trust, delegate responsibility and provide direction. We cannot have a leader without the manager being able to perfectly perform these three tasks.


It is very important for the manager to have really strong communication skills. It is not enough to show that you appreciate your employees. You need to properly highlight what you want from them so that everything would go smooth. The effective manager has to be able to properly decipher, understand and then relate the vision of the organization to the employees so that productivity is maintained.

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How many of us have had a manager who tries to motivate us by talking about what we can buy with the commission we will earn this month? I know I had one particular manager who tried to motivate me that way but I never cared about ‘what I could buy,’ I cared about how much value I could bring to my customers and how I could improve their life! Because my manager never spoke about this he never worked with my value system so therefore he never got the best out of me. We are all motivated by our own value system, a great manager will take the time to learn their team members values.

Developing Other People

The effective manager will make sure that the employee improves and that they become better at the job that is done. They do this through the encouragement of mentorship opportunities and the implementation of a proactive plan for addressing career development interests, needs and desires. Great managers care about the future as much as they care about the present for both the business and the individual. An excellent manager taps into talents and resources in order to support and bring out the best in others. An outstanding manager evokes possibility in others.

Time Management

Managers are able to recognize that time is more valuable than money and they leverage their time exceptionally well throughout each day. Being punctual is a great personality trait which makes a manager successful in a short span of time. Ask your team members to reach office on time to avoid unnecessary late sittings. Late settings do not indicate that an employee is hard working but reflect his/her poor time management skills.

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Stress Management

A good manager is one who smiles even at the times of stress. A manager ought to be like a protective cushion who absorbs all the stress and tension and never passes on to his team members. Encourage your team members to smile quite often as it not only reduces stress among team members but also leads to a positive ambiance at the workplace. Remember, you have to be a role model for your team members. A manager is successful only when he is a strong source of inspiration for his team members.

Honesty and Commitment

As a manager, one needs to be honest and fully committed towards the organization to expect loyalty from team members in return. Do not treat your organization as a mere source of earning money. A manager is committed to the success of the project and of all team members. S/he holds the vision for the collective team and moves the team closer to the end result. It’s the manager’s commitment that pulls the team forward during trying times.

Accountability and Transparency

Remarkable managers are obsessed with accountability. They realize that the success of their direct reports is their success. On the flip side, they share in failures and mistakes. They hold regular one-on-one meetings with their direct reports and reinforce the outcomes they and the team are responsible for This trait helps drive away any potential rumor mills before they open. They foster a culture of candor, making it easier for people to give meaningful real-time feedback.

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Effective and Efficient

They know the difference between effective and efficient. Many managers are efficient and yes they get the job done, but the question is ‘are they doing the right things?’ Effective managers are great managers so always ask if ‘what you are doing is the most effective way?’

Versatility and Flexibility

Great managers know that it is not all about them; it is all about the people. When things get bumpy they embrace ambiguity and make others comfortable in dealing with change. They also know that no two employees are the same and spend the time getting to know what motivates and challenges people. Flexibility and versatility are valuable qualities in a manager. Beneath the flexibility and versatility is an ability to be both non-reactive and not attached to how things have to be. Versatility implies an openness – this openness allows the leader to quickly change on a dime when necessary. Flexibility and versatility are the pathways to speedy responsiveness.

Effective Delegation

An effective manager knows that some tasks need to be delegated. You should be able to identify workers who will do well, and give them tasks they can succeed at while helping the project. Effective manager do not overload work onto their staff but they delegate with a proactive thought process and when they delegate they ensure it’s empowering for staff members and helps them to grow.

Have Great Attitudes

Attitude really is everything and great managers know that their energy and attitude sets the pace for the day. Whereas good managers stroll up the stairs, great managers run up the stairs. They also know how to manage their poker face. Body language is a signal that people feed on; it is part of the human condition. Lastly, a great manager knows when to hold certain situations lightly and when to drive certain situations with a high degree of urgency. Their communication is not hard to read or understand.

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An effective manager can’t motivate others if he or she can’t self-motivate. Self-motivation, the ability to get yourself going, and take charge of what’s next for you, is a vital personal characteristic for a manager. You have to keep yourself going  and motivate those who work with you.

Demonstrate Maturity

Great managers are able to regulate their emotions especially as it relates to representing and serving as an example of the company’s values. They do so, as they realize they serve as a megaphone for the values of the company and handle this responsibility with a high degree of character and maturity. Internally, exceptional managers consistently fly above the noise and don’t get caught in emotional traps. They know that if they really feel frustrated, it is best to go for a walk. They don’t over-react and lose their cool in the office.


A thorough knowledge base is essential. The knowledge base must be so ingrained and integrated into their being that they become transparent, focusing on the employee and what s/he needs to learn, versus focusing on the knowledge base. The excellent manager lives from a knowledge base, without having to draw attention to it.


The context and structure we work within always have a set of parameters, limitations and guidelines. A stellar manager knows how to work within the structure and not let the structure impinge upon the process or the project. Know the structure intimately, so as to guide others to effectively work within the given parameters. Do this to expand beyond the boundaries.

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Intuition is the capacity of knowing without the use of rational processes; it’s the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. People with keen insight are often able to sense what others are feeling and thinking; consequently, they’re able to respond perfectly to another through their deeper understanding. The stronger one’s intuition, the stronger manager one will be.


Creativity is what separates competence from excellence. Creativity is the spark that propels projects forward and that captures peoples’ attention. Creativity is the ingredient that pulls the different pieces together into a cohesive whole, adding zest and appeal in the process.

Value Others

A good manager helps employees feel appreciated. Surveys show that employees want recognition from their superiors, and you need to make sure to recognize contributions from your workers.

Being Human

Employees value leaders who are human and who don’t hide behind their authority. The best leaders are those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Managers who respect and connect with others on a human level inspire great loyalty.


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