Major Responsibilities of Manager’s In Today’s Workplace

As a manager you need to play many roles instructor, standard setter, performance appraiser, teacher, motivator, and so forth. You select the suitable role based on the situation you’re in and the objectives that you want to achieve.

Manager’s Major Responsibilities

Most management experts would agree that managers have certain main responsibilities no matter where they work or who works for them.

These chief responsibilities include hiring, communicating, planning, organizing, training, monitoring, evaluating, and firing. The better and more comfortable you become with these responsibilities the easier the job of managing becomes.


Is deciding what work needs to be done to meet the goals of your department that, in turn, meets the goals of the organization.


Is finding individuals with the skills or potential skills and commitment and confidence to succeed on the job.


Is sharing the vision and goals and objectives of the organization with your employees. It also means sharing information about what is happening in your department, unit, group, or business community.


Is determining the resources that are needed to perform each job or project and deciding which staff members do what.  Organize tasks, coordinate allocation, and arrange the right roles for the right people.


Is assessing the skill level of each of your employees to determine skill gaps, and then providing instructional opportunities to close these gaps.


Is making sure that the work is being done and that each of your employees is succeeding with projects and assignments.


Is assessing the performance of individual team members and comparing it to the levels needed for that individual contributor and the team to be successful.


Is removing people from the team who are not able to make the contribution necessary for themselves or the team to be successful.



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