The attached infographic, Mental Wellness and the Workplace, provides a brief overview of the extent of the problem and offers 10 suggestions for workplace fixes. Statistics back up the claim that workplaces are causing stress and lowering employees’ feelings of wellness. Large numbers of workers report that workplace issues affect their sleep and lead them to engage in unhealthy behaviors as a coping mechanism. And a whopping 89% agree that it is safer to remain silent about workplace stress!

Workplace Well-Being

So, how are workplaces going to get better if employees feel they can’t speak up or fear they will be punished if they do speak up? How will you know what employees need and want? Improvement must start at the highest levels of management. Our workplace cultures must be more open and caring. This is large undertaking and may be out of scope for many companies to do on their own. Perhaps bringing in the experts in the form of a specialty consulting firm is the solution to a culture overhaul.

Promoting Healthy Eating and Exercise

The other ideas offered in the infographic are easier to implement. Management training, assessing job duties and deadlines, creating private areas and workspaces, offering telecommuting and flexible hours, and promoting healthy eating and exercise during and after work, and hosting company outings are all relatively easy to do and can produce great results.

Continue reading to learn more about workplace well-being and how to improve it.

Graphic created by Pillar.


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