Nurture Open-Minded Employees: 7 Mind-Boggling Tactics

This is the age governed not by successful individuals, but by the power of their creative ideas. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and other trailblazers in different fields had a knack for innovation. However, if they didn’t get an opportunity to put their ideas to practice, they would simply die down.

A recent study, conducted by three UK universities, has shown that creative employees increase the level of customers’ satisfaction with a business. Since supporting creativity is crucial in the modern business, we’ve compiled seven great tactics for nurturing open-minded employees.

Nurture Open-Minded Employees: 7 Mind-Boggling Tactics

1)     Brainstorming outside the office

Every businessperson knows how important brainstorming is for generating new ideas. What makes this activity different from regular discussions is its unlimited nature. Therefore, don’t curb any of your employees’ efforts during the brainstorming sessions. Also, don’t discard any of their notions at this stage, but let them express their imagination. It’s important that they think outside the box during these sessions.

As a matter of fact, they should think out of the cubicle, as well. Therefore, try to take these events outside your office. Some workers will be under pressure, due to the formal nature of the office environment. As opposed to that, when you put them in relaxing surroundings, their contribution to the entire effort will be much higher. From cafes and restaurant terraces to parks and woods, you can seek inspiration for your employees in many different places.

2)     Encourage dialectics between workers

This tactic can be applied after brainstorming sessions, but it will serve a purpose as a standalone strategy, as well. By encouraging your employees to face their different ideas, you’ll trigger discussion and a controlled conflict. In return, you’ll get numerous solutions for the matter you’re dealing with.

Nurture Open-Minded Employees: 7 Mind-Boggling Tactics

Also, you can use the potential of teamwork. In line with that, organize discussions within teams and let them shape a variety of ideas into a single attitude. After that, you can assemble all the teams and tell their leaders to present those opinions to other teams. All these actions will show each of your workers that their way of thinking makes a difference and contributes to the general agenda of your business.

3)     Loosen up the work hours

The penetration of technology into the business sphere has accelerated many things. As a result, people can use some tech perks to make their work easier. This means that 9-5 work hours are becoming obsolete in some fields of work. It’s no wonder that one of the buzzwords of the 2010s is flexible work. A study conducted by a group of experts in 2014 showed that flexibility at work improves productivity, boosts creativity and brings happiness into workers’ lives.

Therefore, if you want your employees to be less stressed and depressed and more creative, loosen up the work hours. Let them start their work day when they want it. Also, don’t insist on overtime work, but give their minds some peace and freedom. You can rest assured that some of them will blossom and yield outstanding business ideas.

4)     Play that office music

The development of technology has also changed the way we access music. Nowadays, you can just go to YouTube and listen to music in most different forms – from playlists to full albums and long compilations. Since music boosts productivity, you should allow your employees to listen to music at work.

Still, there might be misunderstandings over different music genres. Therefore, you could treat all your employees to first-class headphones for Christmas or for their birthdays. That way, they’ll be able to listen to their favorite music and let their ideas go through the roof (especially if you’re an aeronautics business).

Additionally, install a powerful PA system in your conference room, so that you can play some neutral but inspiring music during your meetings and brainstorming sessions.

5)     Expose your employees to external influence

Creativity shouldn’t be self-contained. A stale mind won’t be able to generate innovative and creative business solutions. Because of that, it’s crucial to expose your employees to external influences. Today it doesn’t have to include wasting too much money. You can suggest them to enroll at various online courses to improve their skills. By extending their knowledge, you’ll provide them with the fuel that will release new energy and lead to innovations.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of creative online courses, or find similar offline events. What’s more, you can also invite successful businesspeople and creative lecturers to organize in-house seminars. However, always insist on workshops and practical work, rather than mere lectures.

6)     Ensure finances for creativity

Botticelli and Michelangelo were ground-breaking minds, but they couldn’t create their art if they didn’t have wealthy sponsors. So, if you want your prolific workers to reach their creative heights, it’s essential to ensure financial stability. However, this is often easier said than done, especially in the early stages of business development.

The crucial factor here is self-discipline. Translated to everyday work – your employees’ payments should be at the top of your priorities. Also, it’s imperative to think in advance, even before you’ve started hiring employees. Therefore, make sure to learn more about some key business considerations when starting a new business. If you take this proactive approach, you’ll avoid numerous debt financial traps that could lead to debt.

As a result, you’ll always have enough assets to support your employees. That way, you’ll manage to attract some witty experts from other businesses, as well. Financial stability combined with flexibility will yield creativity.

7)     Organize reading sessions

Reading is a great activity for the improved functionality of the brain. What’s more, it’s also crucial to keep your mind in great shape for good. Because of that, you should strongly encourage your employees to read books. From professional literature to modern magazines and classic books, each piece of writing will enrich their minds.

Additionally, you could even organize discussions related to the books your employees read. Lunch breaks or team building sessions are some great opportunities for that matter. However, don’t force anyone to join these reading clubs, but let your employees make their choices on their own.

The growing number of entrepreneurs leads to harsher competition. In the future, only those business entities that bring unique ideas will manage to survive and become successful ventures. Therefore, you need to hire sharp and talented workers, as well as to polish their minds, to reach even higher level of brilliance. By doing so, you’ll ensure a better perspective for your business in the time to come.


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