Why Should Anyone Buy From You

Customers buy because:

Your marketing is better, meaning that you have put together a proposition that is more relevant to them than anything else on offer; and your selling is effective.

And that’s it. Get this right, and you could be on the way to a fortune. Get it wrong, and there is no point in going any further. But the job does not end there. Competitors could copy your approach and neutralize your advantage; if they do, you need to know. So keep your eyes and ears open and, best of all, have your next two moves up your sleeve ready for immediate use when needed.

Take a look at your firm from the point of view of a customer. What sort of image does it present? Since, in the early days, you and the firm are one, much of the answer will revolve around your personal appearance and presentation.

However, there is more to it than that. Unless you are a skilled designer, don’t try to mock up your logo, letter-heading and other documents on the PC. Give the job to a professional who will take what you are trying to put across to your customer and translate it into graphic design.

He or she will also ensure that the design is carried over into all aspects of your contacts: business cards, website, letterheads, invoices, quotations, compliments slips, vehicle livery, company uniforms, sales presentation materials, advertising and even the typeface used for correspondence.

It all matters. It will cost a few hundred pounds, but could lift you above the crowd. Once won, customers will keep on coming back provided you keep your promises (some people under-promise so as to be able to over-deliver) for as long as your proposition remains relevant. Their needs will change, so you need to change with them.


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