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I work with first-time bloggers all the time  people who are new to the idea of Publishing on the Internet. One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is “How can I run a blog? I don’t even know how to code or create Web sites.”

Enter WordPress. You no longer need to worry about knowing the code, because the WordPress blogging software does the code part for you. When you log in to your blog, you have to do only two simple things to publish your thoughts and ideas:

  1. Write your post.
  2. Click a button to publish your post. That’s it.

WordPress offers the following competitive advantages as the most popular blogging tool on the market:

  • Diversity: Three versions of WordPress are available to suit nearly every type of blogger: a hosted turnkey solution, a version to install on the Web server of your choice, and a multiuser version that lets you offer blogs across a group or organization.
  • Ease of use: WordPress setup is quick, and the software is easy to use.
  • Extensibility: WordPress is extremely extensible, meaning that you can easily obtain plugins and tools that let you customize it to suit your purposes.
  • Community of users: WordPress has a large and loyal members helping members community via public support forums, mailing lists, and blogs geared to the use of WordPress.

Easy to set up and use

WordPress is one of the only blog platforms that can brag about a five-minute installation and stand behind it! Signing up for the hosted version of WordPress takes approximately the same amount of time.

Mind you, five minutes is an approximate installation time. It doesn’t include the time required to obtain domain registration and Web hosting services or to set up the options in the Administration panel.

When you complete the installation, however, the world of WordPress awaits you. The Administration panel is intuitive, well organized, and easy on the eyes. Everything is clear and logical, making it easy for even a first-time user to see where to go to manage settings and options.

The WordPress software surely has enough meat on it to keep the most experienced developer busy and happy. At the same time, however, it’s intuitive and friendly enough to make a novice user giddy about how easy getting started is. Each time you use WordPress, you can find out something exciting and new.

Extend WordPress’s capabilities

I’ve found that the most exciting and fun part of running a WordPress blog is exploring the flexibility of the software. Hundreds of plugins and themes are available to let you create a blog that functions the way you need it to.

If you think of your blog as a vacuum cleaner, plugins are the attachments. The attachments don’t function alone. When you add them to your vacuum cleaner, however, you add to the functionality of your vacuum, possibly improving its performance.

All WordPress blogs are pretty much the same at their core, so by using plugins, you can truly individualize your blog by providing additional features and tools to benefit yourself and your readers. When you come upon a WordPress blog that has some really different and cool functions, 98 percent of the time, you can include that function in your own blog by using a WordPress plugin. If you don’t know what plugin that blog is using, feel free to drop the blog owner an e-mail or leave a comment. WordPress blog owners usually are eager to share the great tools they discover.


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