The future of gaming seems me be huge. We all play games since childhood and most of us expect to play the game in real life. If you want to play a game and experience it in real life then it is possible. You might have heard about VR which can give you a feeling of experiencing things in real life. One of the most popular AR games till now in Pokémon GO that most people have played for once.

You can enjoy hunting for different Pokémon’s in real life. But that’s just an example of what AR can feel like and you can have a better experience while playing a game. VR is one of the most popular among gaming. There are some games that you can enjoy in VR and have real-time experience.

The Future Of Augmented And Virtual Reality Gaming

You can also know more about virtual reality game development company. VR and AR are going to be the future of the gaming world. Imagine if you can play your favorite game and experience everything in real-time? So, what is the future of AR and VR in the gaming world? How the gaming world will change with AR and VR?

How VR Can Change The Gaming Experience?

Many companies had already begun with their VR business and working to improve the future experience of their players. VR is not only popular among games but also helping other industries to grow their business. Using VR tourism business is growing rapidly. People can enjoy and get a taste of the place they are about to visit. This helps the tourist and the companies to have better interaction with their customers.

When it comes to gaming VR can change the entire experience around you. Just put the VR on and enjoy your game like you are inside the game. Virtual Reality is more matured as compared to Augmented. Augmented is still in its beginning stage and not much success is gain yet but it’s under process. VR will make the game even more interactive. All the software and technologies are already available for VR technology but developers need to do some more research to improve the overall experience with it. More people would like to enjoy the new gaming experience with VR.

Augmented Reality Gaming Experience

Augmented Reality is not much developed yet but still one of the best examples of AR is Pokémon Go. People were going crazy about that game when it was first released for mobile users. No one had ever thought about AR technology before that but once it was released it changed the entire gaming experience for everyone. Many people want more games like that that will give that AR experience.

The Future Of Augmented And Virtual Reality Gaming

Companies are using AR in different businesses to give their customer a better and improved experience. Ecommerce businesses are using AR to give their customer a better shopping experience. AR is still limited to some extent it’s not like VR. AR is still expensive than VR and needs some time until it can totally come close to the VR experience. So, is VR better than AR you might ask? Both have different functions and give different experiences. Some might like VR better than AR. But the future of AR is yet to be disclosed. It can change a contribute a lot to the development and business world too.

Future of AR and VR Gaming

There are already headsets, smartphones, consoles, and different wearable available in the market. Each device may give you different experiences. Some headsets are compatible with smartphones. We need to polish the technology available and make some new changes to it. Gaming with VR and AR will take it to a new level. No one had ever thought about 2D or 3D games but we have it now.

The gaming world is changing every year and new technologies are used to design games to give players a whole new different experience. Even if you are not interested in playing games VR and AR is something that people would like to experience in their life. Just imagine playing games and turning your surrounding into a gaming world. Companies are working over VR and AR technology but the main thing is the budget. Both AR and VR need some good investment before you can enjoy the virtual reality thing. Companies are trying to improve the experience with the VR and AR people are going to see the change in the future. Who knows if our world might become a complete VR? Game developers are constantly working on this and soon people will enjoy their games in AR and VR.

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Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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