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The Bitcoin Gospel – VPRO Backlight Documentary 

Is bitcoin the blueprint for a bankless currency, or the biggest pyramid scheme ever?


The Wall Street Code – VPRO Backlight Documentary 

A thriller about a genius algorithm builder who dared to stand up against Wall Street.

Haim Bodek, aka The Algo Arms Dealer. After Quants: the Alchemists of Wall Street and

Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box.


Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box – VPRO Backlight Documentary 

Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box is a thriller based on actual events that takes you to the

heart of our automated world. 


Documentary- The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

Technology has changed the game. Consumers can ignore advertising and marketing at will.

To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories worth listening to and

become the media in the process.


Becoming Warren Buffett Documentary Film

With a net worth of more than $60 billion, Warren Buffett is truly a one-of-a-kind billionaire.

Now 86, the legendary investor still lives in a modest home in Omaha and continues to drive

himself to the office every morning to manage Berkshire Hathaway, the fourth-largest public

company in the world.

Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom – Foundation 

Kevin Rose sits down with Kevin Systrom, founder of the popular social photo sharing app,
Instagram. They chat about Systrom’s growing up with computers, his time spent at Stanford,
and landing an internship at a startup destined to be worth billions.

Ympact – Global Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Changemakers

A short documentary about European founder, investors and organizations supporting startups.


How To Be Successful In Business As A Young Entrepreneur!

One of my most frequent questions is, how do young entrepreneurs get taken seriously, make
money, succeed in the business world?

Success Story of 21-year-old Multi-Millionaire Founder of OYO Rooms

Check out Ritesh Agarwal Biography exclusively on Startup Stories. He is a young Indian
entrepreneur and founder of OYO Rooms, an organization that offers budget rooms for the budget


Success Story of an Indian Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Success Story with Raghav Aggarwal and Abhinav Aggarwal, young entrepreneurs of
TruTech Webs talking about their startup success story, the challenges they faced, dropping
out of B-School, the pros and cons of India as an environment, their hiring strategy, some of
their exciting projects, advice for students wanting to become entrepreneurs.

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