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Richard Branson Explains His Secrets to Success

Richard Brandson is known for founding The Virgin Group, which own several businesses including

Virgin Airlines. One of the biggest and most ambitious companies Richard is working on is the

Virgin Galactic.


Crystal Balls: Startups and the Future of the App Economy

A documentary from The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by CA Technologies that looks

at three startup hubs that are pioneering different approaches to seeking future global leadership in

the world’s app economy.


E-stonia – A startup country – (VPRO documentary)

In the very north-east of Europe, on the border of Russia, lies the small country of Estonia.

Per capita, Estonia has the most start-ups; internet access is considered a human right and all

Estonians have free wifi.


Startup Dhaka – Full Documentary

A story about startup community in Dhaka that uses the power of Internet to create new and exciting



The Android Story Andy Rubin Biography-Startup Stories

The Android Story and the biography and success story of Andy Rubin, the man behind Android.


Fabulous Documentary About Business Creativity in China – Hanfu

The documentary lets the world know better about the Chinese creativity revolutionary road and

let more people to see the creativity, learning, and breakthrough behind the Chinese speed.


A Look Inside Russia’s Innovative Internet

For the past five years, Russia’s been building walls around its web and packing it with tech

oligarchs, startup cities, face-finding algorithms, hacker hunters, and, of course, a few bears.


Billionaires Top Security Systems – Documentary (2017)

The Creative Home Engineering company has developed an amazing technology that incorporates

these secret passageways in book cases.


12,000 startups are being created every day in China

12,000 startups are being created every day in China


The Smart State – (vpro backlight documentary)

We think new technology is developed by hip companies like Google and Apple. But is this true?

VPRO Backlight explores the innovation climate in Europe, to find out what role governments and

the private sector play in this.


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