Ultimate Steps to International Customer Service and Website Localization

It is an era of globalization. Globalization has reduced the distances. People from around the globe can communicate with each other through internet. Thousands of languages are spoken around the globe. To enter into global business it is necessary to communicate with global customers in their native language. International customer services and website localization turns consumers from online browsers into the customers. Website localization in native language is interlinked to customer services.

Ultimate Steps to International Customer Service and Website Localization

In vernacular business it is hard to get repeated business when the after sale service is poor. Survey by common sense advisory revealed that consumers from all nationalities wants customer care in their local language. In order to increase sales from website and to increase return on investment, need of the hour is to provide after sale state of the art customer services in multiple languages. Let’s see how international customer services and website localization helps us to become a part of digitalization and globalization.

Importance of International Customer Services and Website localization

Why does international customer service and website localization matters so much? For boots trappers, it can make or break your connection with potential customers. For example just think if you are sharing content with Italian customers about Christmas holiday sale and if you market to them in the same manner as you speak to your US customers.

You will get in trouble because The US market emphasizes Christmas Eve and Christmas day as key holidays whereas Italy puts its attention on January 6-the Epiphany. This simple blunder seems harmless at first glance but it will determine your marketing efforts that u don’t penetrate into Italian market as other companies do. Global customer will notice it and will not like it.

1) Payment Mode

Localization affects every interface of user experience. If customer likes the product and is unable to make payment because payment mode is unfamiliar than your cart abandonment will be high. International shopper’s resists when there is a mismatch between currency and payment mode. New buyer will feel comfortable if payment mode in your website is local.Online payment on website enhances the sense of belonging of the customers and they feel secure.

It increases the internet traffic on your website. It also enhances revenues from repeated sales. Prices of your products should be listed in local currency and it should be transparent regarding shipping cost. You should never force customer to convert prices. If you are selling subscription-based services or products than you need to make sure that payment mode which you are using is matching your business model.

Emails Notification

Keeping in contact with the customers through emails in their native language will increase ROI and customer loyalty. There are three types of e-mails which need to be considered in international customer services and website localization.

Confirmation of Orders

Customer will feel privileged if you email order confirmation in customer’s native language. Translation of products in customer’s native language will reappear in search bars and in this way you can resell your products.

Welcome Mail

On receiving the order when customer receives the welcome email, they become more excited. By taking advantage of this excitement you can provide more details about your products and services to customers, this will develop a everlasting relationship with your client.

2) Newsletter and Promotional Email

Email localization goes beyond content translation. In e-mail marketing, there are over 280 million emails which are sent on a daily basis, meaning emails are an international phenomenon. Most global companies use database of recipients which helps them to promote their services and help them to boost their sales.

In order to engage customers with your company. You need to sell newsletter and promotional emails on quarterly basis. In this way customers are aware of your company and products and any new product which you want to launch.

3) Refunds and Return

Every demanding business deals with refunds and returns. To be the part of global business it is essential to have a complete process of refund and return in native language. It is very convenient and riskless operation. By this process, your global clients will appreciate your service and they will repurchase your products again and again.

4) Service and Support

Giving customer services and support to foreign clients in their native language will made lifetime clients. Customer wants solution of their problems in real time. Telephone   Interpreters, live chat and replying Frequent ask questions in multiple languages shows that you solve customer problems in real time.

Real time problem resolution shows that you are providing state of the art customer services to your clients. This will also enhance the purpose of your website and you will be at top satisfaction scores in after-sales care.

5) Social Media and Re-engagement

It is very easy to access global customers due to social media growth. Marketing to international clients and re-engaging customers should be according to their culture and locales. In short international customer services and website localization is very important for business growth and to get return on Investment. Customers will be engaged with your business if your content on website is in their native language.

If you post your message in customer’s language it will resonate with international clients. You need to contact customers by communicating content in their native language by tweeting, posting and liking. Re-engaging customers in their native language and through localized marketing, you will be able to enhance return on investment. International customer service and website localization will also increase global customer base and will ensure reliability and customer satisfaction in global and domestic market.

Global brands who communicate with their international clients in their native language are those who not only localized their website but also have localized customer experience.


For international customer service and website localization, companies need to decide what to translate and what not to translate. Companies need to plan a localization strategy which will help them in catering local and global customers effectively.


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