Competition in every sector is fierce and legal firm is not an exception.  Having an online presence through an attractive website has become a mandate for legal firms to gain the attention of the potential customers.  This website works great for the lawyers to showcase their services to the clients in their areas of specialization and address their concerns by establishing an effective communication. Making your website found by the customers is equally important as establishing a Attorney website and this is juncture where SEO for Attorney occupies vital importance.

What does SEO for Attorney website do?

SEO for attorney website makes it get noticed by the people who are searching for it. SEO helps the website get listed ahead of the competitors in Google search engines. Your site will be ahead of competitor’s website which are not SEO and search engine friendly.  Many customers go through a handful of links to reach the legal service they are looking for and SEO makes Attorney website one among them.

What does SEO for Attorney Website Involve?

SEO Audit

Whether you are implementing SEO strategies for the new website or approached a SEO outsourcing company to get SEO services for website that is in the digital market since a while, the process of SEO for Attorney website starts with SEO audit. The SEO audit for the attorney website is conducted with the objective to uncover the issues that needs to be addressed to improve the performance of the website in addition determining the solutions that has to be implemented addressing the uncovered issues.  A report is generated detailing the issues and providing solutions to address the concerns.

What does SEO for Attorney Website Involve?

Know how your website is found

In general SEO for website start with keyword research, but the keyword research for the attorney website needs you to implement some unique strategy apart from Google AdWords tool. You should conduct a research about how the customers are finding attorney firm. Find out the keywords for which your competitor’s website is ranked for. Know the keywords used by the customers to find your firm whether it is by your area of specialization or business name, or locality name associated with specialization. Once you filter these keywords, you can start targeting these keywords to implement first stage of SEO.

What does SEO for Attorney Website Involve?

Focus on what customers care for

Customer conversion and retention is as important as generating traffic to attorney website. You should use tools like Google analytics and webmaster tools to find out what the customers reaching your website care for. Know the time frame spent by the visitors when they reach your website along with the number of repetitive visitors to the website. Know the area from which the flow of audience is high. If you want to target local area, you can target local SEO keywords for attorney websites.  Optimize the content on the website by knowing the blogs and articles they go through on reaching the site.

What does SEO for Attorney Website Involve?

Responsive website

After you target relevant keywords and optimize the content on the site accordingly, you should make sure that your attorney website is not only desktop responsive but also mobile responsive. Most often half of the website traffic is generated through mobile sites because there is increase in the number of people accessing the information through the internet on the mobile sites. Whether the customer is going through desktop website or mobile-friendly website, the content provided on the website should be interested and engaging to the customers because they like to know more about the services provided by you before taking a call of action.

Author Bio: – Amit Chauhan is the Founder & CEO of SearchClap. Amit is an Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO Consultant, and Link Building specialist. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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