World Best Robots Ever Made


ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is a humanoid robot created by Honda.
ASIMO has the ability to recognize moving objects, postures, gestures, its surrounding environment, sounds and faces, which enables it to interact with humans.
The robot can detect the movements of multiple objects by using visual information captured by two camera “eyes” in its head and also determine distance and direction. This feature allows ASIMO to follow or face a person when approached.

World Best Robots Ever Made

The robot interprets voice commands and human gestures, enabling it to recognize when a handshake is offered or when a person waves or points, and then respond accordingly.
ASIMO’s ability to distinguish between voices and other sounds allows it to identify its companions. ASIMO is able to respond to its name and recognizes sounds associated with a falling object or collision.


Atlas is a humanoid robot primarily developed by the US based robotics company Boston Dynamics.
Atlas is intended to aid emergency services in search and rescue operations, performing tasks such as shutting off valves, opening doors and operating powered equipment in environments where humans could not survive.The 1.8-meter (6 ft) robot is designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Atlas is equipped with two vision systems a laser rangefinder and stereo cameras, both controlled by an off-board computer and has hands with fine motor skill capabilities. Its limbs possess a total of 28 degrees of freedom. Atlas can navigate rough terrain and climb independently using its arms and legs.

Atlas can complete below tasks:

1. Drive a utility vehicle at the site.
2. Travel dismounted across rubble.
3. Remove debris blocking an entryway.
4. Open a door and enter a building.
5. Climb an industrial ladder and traverse an industrial walkway.
6. Use a tool to break through a concrete panel.
7. Locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe.
8. Connect a fire hose to a standpipe and turn on a valve.

Honda E2-DR

Honda E2-DR is 1.68 meters high and weighs 85 kilograms, which includes a 1000-Wh lithion-ion battery good for a 90-minute operating time.
At only 25 cm “thick,” it can squeeze through 30-cm gaps, a size which Honda designed towards because factories often have “shortcut” passages of about that width that can be used to get around blocked corridors.
E2-DR has a total of 33 degrees of freedom, including 8 DoFs per arm, 6 DoFs per leg, 2 for its torso, and 1 for hands and head.

World Best Robots Ever Made

According to Honda, “the following functional items should be achieved for inspection, maintenance and first response for disasters in social infrastructures, such as plants”:

• Three dimensional movement such as stairs, stepladders and vertical ladders with minimum size cages including transitions between            ladders and steps
• Moving in narrow free widths and narrow spaces
• Moving over pipes on the floor
• Passing through closed doors along corridors
• Able to absorb contacts while moving
• Moving upon scattered debris
• Perception of environment for planning and monitoring
• Prevention of catastrophic fall when robot loses power while moving in a high place such as stairs and ladders


PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) is a bipedal device constructed for testing chemical protection suits. It is the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person.
The PETMAN is designed to have human-like capabilities. It is based on the similar mechanical design and walking algorithm used for the four-legged robot, BigDog, which can carry heavy payloads in rough terrains.

World Best Robots Ever Made

The PETMAN can self balance on its two feet and move freely, walk, crawl and perform suit-stressing calisthenics as well as squat thrusts to test chemical exposure. It can also balance when shoved.

The robot provides realistic test conditions by exhibiting human physiological characteristics during physical exertion such as temperature control, sweating and humidity, inside the protective clothing.

The PETMAN can be used to perform various other tasks dynamically in emergency situations, such as search and rescue operations in fire, nuclear and other hazardous conditions, without human exposure.


The mobile robot for moving boxes in the warehouse. Handle’s small footprint, long reach, and vision system enable it to unload trucks, build pallets, and move boxes throughout your facility.

Handle is a mobile robot that combines the rough-terrain capability of legs with the efficiency of wheels. It is designed for material-handling applications, and features a manipulator arm capable of picking up heavy boxes. It has also a swinging “tail” that helps it balance and move dynamically in tight spaces.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Handle is a research robot that stands 6.5 ft (198 cm) tall, travels at 9 mph (14.5 km/h) and jumps 4 feet (122 cm) vertically. It uses electric power to operate both electric and hydraulic actuators, with a range of about 15 miles (24 km) on one battery charge. Handle uses many of the same dynamics, balance and mobile manipulation principles found in the quadruped and biped robots Boston Dynamics builds, but with only about 10 actuated joints, it is significantly less complex.

Da Vinci Surgical System

The da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic surgical system made by the American company Intuitive Surgical. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it is designed to facilitate surgery using a minimally invasive approach, and is controlled by a surgeon from a console.

The system is used for prostatectomies, and increasingly for cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures. According to the manufacturer, the da Vinci System is called “da Vinci” in part because Leonardo da Vinci’s “study of human anatomy eventually led to the design of the first known robot in history.”

World Best Robots Ever Made

The da Vinci System consists of a surgeon’s console that is typically in the same room as the patient, and a patient-side cart with four interactive robotic arms controlled from the console.

Three of the arms are for tools that hold objects, and can also act as scalpels, scissors, bovies, or graspers; the fourth arm controls the 3-D cameras. The surgeon uses the console’s controls to maneuver the patient-side cart’s three or four robotic arms (depending on the model). The da Vinci System always requires a human operator.


Introducing RoboThespian, the ultimate acting humanoid designed for human interaction in a public environment. The first and most iconic robot from Engineered Arts. Featuring an incredibly expressive range of movements and emotions, he is the perfect talking robot.

World Best Robots Ever Made

RoboThespian is a robotic actor, meaning he’s an actor who is a robot, as opposed to a bad actor who is human. It speaks more than 30 languages, and you can find it on stages worldwide.

The charming and elegant design is perfectly balanced and amazes wherever he travels. He is at home as an entertainer, salesman, an actor in a film or theatre or as a teacher. Just set him up and watch him go. Robothespian can be animated on the fly, or ahead of time. He can also be inhabited remotely, making him the ultimate telepresence device.


Nao robots is used for research and education purposes in numerous academic institutions worldwide.
The Nao robot is controlled by a specialized Linux-based operating system, dubbed NAOqi.

World Best Robots Ever Made

The OS powers the robot’s multimedia system, which includes four microphones (for voice recognition and sound localization), two speakers (for multilingual text-to-speech synthesis) and two HD cameras (for computer vision, including facial and shape recognition).

The robot also comes with a software suite that includes a graphical programming tool dubbed Choregraphe, a simulation software package and a software developer’s kit.


According to the manufacturer, David Hanson, Sophia uses artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition. Sophia also imitates human gestures and facial expressions and is able to answer certain questions and to make simple conversations on predefined topics (e.g. on the weather).Sophia is able to display more than 60 facial expressions.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Sophia has been covered by media around the globe and has participated in many high-profile interviews. In October 2017, Sophia became a Saudi Arabian citizen, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. In November 2017, Sophia was named the United Nations Development Programme’s first ever Innovation Champion, and is the first non-human to be given any United Nation title.

Cameras within Sophia’s eyes combined with computer algorithms allow her to see. She can follow faces, sustain eye contact, and recognize individuals. She is able to process speech and have conversations using a natural language subsystem. Around January 2018, Sophia was upgraded with functional legs and the ability to walk.

Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot, Sophia, personifies our dreams for the future of AI. As a unique combination of science, engineering, and artistry, Sophia is simultaneously a human-crafted science fiction character depicting the future of AI and robotics, and a platform for advanced robotics and AI research.

Snake Robot

A snakebot, also known as snake robot, is a biomorphic hyper-redundant robot that resembles a biological snake.

Snake robots come in many shapes and sizes, from the four stories long, earth quake snakebot developed by SINTEF, to a medical snakebot developed at Carnegie Mellon University that is thin enough to maneuver around organs inside a human chest cavity.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Though snakebots can vary greatly in size and design, there are two qualities that all snakebots share. First, their small cross section to length ratio allows them to move into, and maneuver through, tight spaces. Second, their ability to change the shape of their body allows them to perform a wide range of behaviours, such as climbing stairs or tree trunks.

Additionally, many snake robots are constructed by chaining together a number of independent links. This redundancy makes them resistant to failure, because they can continue to operate even if parts of their body are destroyed.

Snakebots are most useful in situations where their unique characteristics give them an advantage over their environment. These environments tend to be long and thin like pipes or highly cluttered like rubble. Thus snakebots are currently being developed to assist search and rescue teams.

Also, snakebots can be used by animal control officers to subdue rabid or invasive creatures. Raccoons, barn cats, and large rodents typically respond to the snakebot’s presence with attacks upon which the snakebot will emit an electrical shock and paralyze the aggressor.


iCub is a 1 metre tall open source robotics humanoid robot testbed for research into human cognition and artificial intelligence.

World Best Robots Ever Made

iCub can complete below tasks:

• Crawling, using visual guidance with optic marker on the floor.
• Dolving complex 3D mazes.
• Archery, shooting arrows with a bow and learning to hit the center of the target.
• Facial expressions, allowing the iCub to express emotions.
• Force control, exploiting proximal force/torque sensors.
• Grasping small objects, such as balls, plastic bottles, etc.
• Collision avoidance within non-static environments, as well as, self-collision avoidance.

Festo Octopusgripper

The octopus is a fascinating creature. As it has no skeleton and is made almost entirely of soft muscle, it is also extremely flexible and manoeuvrable.

This not only means it can swim agilely in all directions, but also grip a wide range of objects in a form-fitting manner. The TentacleGripper now takes makes this phenomenon its own.

World Best Robots Ever Made

The bionic gripper consists of a soft silicone structure, which can be pneumatically controlled. If compressed air is applied to it, the tentacle bends inwards and can wrap around the respective item being gripped in a form-fitting and gentle manner.

The Future Concepts robot has been designed to safely pick up, securely hold and gently put down objects in the workplace. Rather than being developed with a specific gripping function in mind, the OctopusGripper can multitask meaning that should the production line change, the flexible device can be adapted instead of replaced, potentially saving costs.


Romeo is a research robot created from the collaboration of laboratories and companies like Aldebaran. This 140-cm humanoid robot is intended to deepen research on assistance for the elderly and those who have lost autonomy. Its height allows it to open doors, climb stairs, and even grab objects on a table.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Fitted with two cameras in its eyebrows allowing it to measure distances, Romeo is equipped with four computers to manage its sight, hearing, movements and artificial intelligence. Romeo incorporates a mass of innovations required for its future role as a personal assistant.

Its primary role will be to help with everyday tasks, like noting and remembering appointments or medication to be taken, compiling a shopping list and finding lost spectacles. Ideally, it ought also be able to detect if the person has a fall, and help them get up or call the emergency services if necessary.


Kuri is a smart home robot with a personality that makes it more like a companion.
Smart home robotics is a burgeoning field, and it’s no surprise that it’s a space ripe for disruption.

The 20-inch-tall, 12-inch-wide home robot is packed to the brim with technologies like asynchronous motors, a capacitive touch sensor, microphones, speakers, and an HD camera.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Kuri is a little more amiable than your average robot. It animates playfully when you call its name. It emotes audibly when instructed to perform a task. And a built-in LED changes color to indicate its current state of mood.

Voice recognition dovetails with Kuri’s ability to “recall” its surroundings. Thanks to a laser-depth system that tracks the location of walls and furniture at the millimeter level, Kuri is able to build a digital, room-by-room map of its surrounding environment. And real-time tracking prevents it from colliding with objects in its way.


Poppy is an Open-source humanoid platform based on robust, flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. Designed by the Flowers Lab at inria Bordeaux (France), its development aims at providing an affordable humanoid robot for Research and Education.

World Best Robots Ever Made

It is used for education, research (walk, human-robot interaction) or art (dance, performances). From a single arm to the complete humanoid, this platform is actively used in labs, engineering schools, FabLabs, and artistic projects.

Poppy Humanoid integrates advanced robotic features in a modular and easy-to-use open source platform.

Based on advanced Robotis actuators and neat 3D printed parts, it allows for anyone (artists, educators, developers or scientists) to freely use it and hack it in their very own way.

Actroid Sit

Actroid is a type of android (humanoid robot) with strong visual human-likeness. It can mimic such lifelike functions as blinking, speaking, and breathing.

The “Repliee” models are interactive robots with the ability to recognize and process speech and respond in kind.

World Best Robots Ever Made

Internal sensors allow Actroid models to react with a natural appearance by way of air actuators placed at many points of articulation in the upper body. Early models had 42 points of articulation, later models have 47. So far, movement in the lower body is limited.

The operation of the robot’s sensory system in tandem with its air powered movements make it quick enough to react to or fend off intrusive motions, such as a slap or a poke. Artificial intelligence gives it the ability to react in a different way to more gentle kinds of touch, such as a pat on the arm.

Piaggio Gita Cargo Bot

Gita is a two-wheeled, cargo-carrying robotic vehicle developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, a Boston area startup and subsidiary of Piaggio.
Gita is designed to follow an individual around and carry up to 40 pounds of cargo.

World Best Robots Ever Made

The device was initially tethered to the user through a wearable belt and was capable of completing tasks on its own, such as parking itself. Subsequent versions eliminated the belt and added more sophisticated navigational behaviors.

The Gita models are cylinder-shaped with two rubber tread-like wheels at the outer edges. Each unit has a storage area enclosed between the wheels. Gita can roll up to 22 miles per hour, which is fast enough to keep up with a runner or a bicyclist.

The Gita uses various cameras and sensors to navigate. The company states that the Gita has a battery life of eight hours and can be recharged in three hours.The Gita has a cargo volume of up to nearly 2,000 cubic inches and can carry 44 pounds.



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